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Dev Discussions are recorded conversations between web-application developers as we discuss relevant topics. We're experimenting heavily with format so expect episodes to vary wildly.

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    Episode 11 - Developing the Game Kingdom

    I had the great honor of sitting down with Thomas Van Den Berg, the creator of the video game Kingdom to discuss how he approaches programming, architecture, deployment, and other technical aspects related to building his fantastic strategy game.

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    Episode 10 - Modeling Complexity with Cynefin

    James O'Brien takes some time out of his day to discuss Cynefin, a model for understanding and acting upon complexity as well as anti-patterns in communication.

    Meta analytical thinking and communication are so fundamentally important to automating processes (creating software) that it was nice to get the chance to discuss them.

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    Episode 9 - Tales of Event-Sourcing

    Mitchell and I discuss our experiences implementing Event-Sourcing in production applications. We discuss every moving piece and describe how it works, why it works that way, and whether or not we're happy with it. See the show notes for more information.

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    Episode 8 - Game Development

    Shawn and Matt have a conversation about their game development projects, development tools, design patterns, and more.

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    Episode 7 - Domain-Driven Design

    Shawn speaks to two consultants, Mathias Verraes and Ross tuck, about Domain-Driven Design (skipping the introductory parts). We discuss temporal modeling, functional modeling, process modeling, and much more.

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    Episode 3 - The Command Bus

    Ross Tuck, Jesse O Brien, and I discuss the command bus and application service layers. Just as a heads up, this is the audio-only version of a live video recording. You can find the link to the original video in the show notes.

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    Episode 2 - ActiveRecord and Datamapper

    In this episode, I talk with Mitchell van Wijngaarden, Davzie, N0xie, and Rafael Dohms about ActiveRecord, DataMapper, Doctrine, and Value Objects. Just as a heads up, this audio was pulled from a live video recording. You can find the link to the original video in the show notes.

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